How Can Cloud-Based PM Software Streamline Your Billing Process?

Medical practice management software has proven to be a very valuable tool for physicians and their staff for years. Tasks such as managing patient information, charge capture, patient billing, appointment scheduling, and a variety of reports are automated and easier through medical management software applications. Medical software is sometimes referred to as physician office mgmt. software or medical information systems. With the advent of cloud-based practice management software, does this take a valuable tool another step further or is this just a passing fad for medical offices and physicians? Some clear advantages to cloud-based medical computing solutions include:1. Readily accessible with minimal hardware/software investment. The pay-per-use model keeps initial costs down.2. Automated, real-time backup of critical files and systems is provided.3. A solution is available without the need for installation or software management by the client.4. A growing number of platforms are available including PC/laptop, smartphone, iPad and tablet devices. For the cloud-based medical management software market space, there are an increasing number of solutions available for physicians and medical offices.When evaluating a software solution, physicians should consider several features and options:How will cloud-based medical practice software improve the physician’s clinical workflow efficiency? Would instant-access to the software really save time?
Can the cloud-based practice management software improve reimbursements from insurance providers? Does it provide consistent coding and automated submittals?
What platforms are currently available as part of the medical practice management software today? What platforms are planned in the future and how soon will they be released? Can the physician office use the platforms that are currently available? For example, there is no need to pay for an iPad version if the medical office is not planning on investing in iPads.
Does this improve the patient experience? Does the medical practice software allow the doctor to spend more time with patients? Or will the physician have to spend more time behind a desk typing?
How flexible are the cloud-based medical management options? For some practices, an a la carte menu provides the needed flexibility. For other practices, having a “packaged” solution keeps things simple and easier to manage. The medical practice should review based on their specific needs and budget.As a greater number of medical professionals migrate to mobile computing, having a cloud-based practice management solution will become mandatory. Careful evaluation of features along with appropriate examination of the software budget should give physicians a solution that can greatly improve not only the billing process but all medical office management tasks.

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